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    Check below to find the current status and estimated shipping dates for your order. 

    Being a TINY shop and using multiple production methods, the time between you ordering and us shipping can vary. This page will be updated as often as possible to show the status and estimated ship dates of current pre-ordered items.

    While we work hard to stay on a schedule, when something causes a delay it has a ripple effect since we don't have the manpower to accommodate. We do aim to email you if there are major delays beyond our control. Please add support@giveafluff.com to your address book to make sure our emails are received.

    Note that if your order contained a pre-order item, the whole order will not ship until it is all ready.

    If you are unhappy with any delays on pre-ordered items, please contact us and we can cancel all or part of your order and provide you with a refund.

    For more information about shipping timing, with or without a pre-ordered item, please see our FAQ page

    Current pre-orders and estimated shipping dates

    Last updated: November 3, 2016

    GAF Fluffy Corg Hoodies & T-shirts

    All pre-orders have shipped. 

    Corgi Patched Hearts Sweatshirt & T-shirts

    All pre-orders have shipped.