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      Who We Are

      We are a small (read “tiny”) team of motivated and unique individuals who work across the brands owned and created by TC Tso. We’re passionate about putting good out into the world. We foster an understanding, kind-hearted community both within our team and the communities we build. When it comes to work, we’re casual, but professional. We believe in quality over quantity and aim to create positive, unique experiences for our customers. We believe in open-mindedness and equality; anyone we bring onto the team must also embody our core principles.

      If this sounds like the type of work environment you’d enjoy, read on to see if any of our open positions fit what you’re searching for!

      Who You Are

      Our operations have been growing so it’s time for us to grow too! We’re searching for someone who will fit within our small team and company culture and bring more to the mix than just our basic requirements. We want someone who’s excited to be part of the team and represent the brand. We're currently looking to fill the following positions.

      E-commerce Associate

      Houston, TX | Part-time | Contract

      We’re looking for a new team member in Houston to undertake online order fulfillment, inventory management, in-house production, and other general duties.