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      Here at Give A Fluff, I do things a little differently.

      Give A Fluff is a tiny, TINY shop (without an actual physical shop), run 95% by myself.

      I Give A Fluff.

      All Give A Fluff products are dreamed up and planned out to capture heart, imagination and an uplifting experience, all while keeping in mind all the animals (and people) in need. When you purchase Fluff, you’re directly impacting the abilit for Give A Fluff to help those we can.

      Most everything I release is printed in limited quantities, with many being special-edition items.

      This means the Fluff you get is only owned by so many other people and pets. This does impact size exchanges, however. We try to accommodate size changes for our stocked products, so long as we have the size you need still available.

      Speaking of sizes...

      Not all the sizes are the same! Most unisex sizes are fairly consistent, but with women's sizes, it may differ GREATLY from product to product. This is because I want to offer the best selection of products, and sometimes that means using different manufacturers. Please read EVERYTHING in a product listing and check and double check the size charts (found on the individual products' full listings) before you order to best ensure you get the size you need and keep from having to exchange sizes.

      Because the focus is on fulfilling ideas in any way possible, not everything is produced the same way.

      Some items start as a pre-order, some items are stocked, and some items are produced to order. Multiple production methods, very tight resources, and all the love and care poured into making your entire Fluffy experience top notch means our ship times vary a LOT!

      For pre-orders, I try to provide an estimated ship date up front, but will update the Order Status on this site for easy access so you can check on your Fluff. Stocked items are the fastest ones to ship, though due to this shop being run essentially by myself, it also can vary. For produced-to-order, it takes us a lot more time, and that timing varies based on what all needs to happen for Give A Fluff as a business. Only having myself working physically on most of the business makes it hard to juggle at times, and I appreciate the patience a lot! 

      Lastly, anything ordered together will ship together.

      This means if you purchase multiple items, including a pre-order, your entire order will be on hold and ship when the pre-order is ready to go. If you would like stocked items sooner, please purchase them as separate orders.

      Ordering at different times but want to save on ship cost?

      If your current order hasn't shipped yet, just leave a note when checking out on your new order asking for both to be combined. I will combine your orders and they'll ship when all items are ready to go. I'll then review the shipping needs and refund some shipping in order to save you some costs.

      Not stressed about when your order will arrive? COOL!

      Just sit back and do your thing, and you will receive an email when your Fluff ships!

      I appreciate EVERY order and really can't wait to get your Fluff out to you. If you have any questions or concerns, just shoot us a note and we'll get back to you as soon as possible!